Quickly Adjust Brightness of PC Monitor – without hardware buttons

Instead of using your monitor’s built-in hardware buttons to adjust brightness, contrast, color, and even volume; a third-party app called ClickMonitorDDC can help you set up everything and make adjustments with mouse or keyboard.

Is it too bright?

Finding the ideal brightness and contrast levels for your computer monitor means that you can enjoy movies and games at their best. Most PC monitors come with a built-in menu for adjustments like brightness, contrast, and color settings. However, by using a free app, you can adjust these settings from an icon in the taskbar, or even with a quick keyboard shortcut.

ClickMonitorDDC Screenshot

We’re not talking about software like F.lux. As useful as they are, F.lux and other “Night Mode” apps feature only adjust the color temperature of the picture, not the actual brightness of the screen. There are plenty of DDC apps that can adjust these hardware-level settings, but ClickMonitorDDC is the best one. Thumbs up!

What is DDC?

ClickMonitorDDC is named for Display Data Channel (DDC), the communication protocol that monitors use to communicate with a PC’s graphics chip. To use ClickMonitorDDC, your monitor needs to support the DDC/CI command interface. Most modern monitors do, but you should be aware that it may not work with every display currently on the market.

How to Download ClickMonitorDDC

Either the installer or the portable version, which you can unzip anywhere you want and start it up. You’ll see an icon appear in your system tray, though you can expand it to view all of ClickMonitorDDC’s icons, each one representing a different setting you can tweak.

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