How to Manage Android Device from PC

No matter how advanced your smartphone is, we are limited by the small screen on a smartphone or tablet. It is probably easier to manage a ton of media, such as photos, videos and music on the desktop. This is where tools like what you see in this post come to play.

Apart from being able to transfer large files from mobile to desktop, it also allows us to better manage the files in our mobile. A few of these apps even gives us access to the phone’s camera, or to take mobile screenshots from the desktop. Most importantly, we can do all this without being limited by the different desktop OS.

Let’s check out the tools you can use to manage your Android from your desktop.

1. Airdroid

Airdroid is one of the most popularly known Mobile to PC apps out there and it comes with many features. These features include being able to show notification from incoming calls or messages, as well as app notifications from messaging apps like Whatsapp. Getting an Airdroid account allows you to find your phone.

  • Install Airdroid, and open the app.
  • Open Airdroid Web and scan the QR code to connect.
  • Alternatively, you can download the desktop app for Windows or macOS. Starting the app on the desktop will launch the app on your mobile.

2. Airmore

Airmore is an app that allows you to stream videos, photos and your music collection on your smartphone. Photos are organized by day or month to make it easy to download or delete. With Airmore, you can also manage contacts, send multiple messages at once to your contacts or even make a call (note that you cannot end the call directly from your desktop).

  • Install the app for Android or iOS. Open the app.
  • Open Airmore Web on your PC browser, and scan the QR code displayed. Click “Accept” on your mobile.
  • Alternatively, connection can be made via IP or code or mobile hotspot connection as well.

3. Mobizen

Mirror screens and control your Android phone directly on your computer. The program, made to record mobile screens, takes screenshots and even transfers files.

  • File explorer
  • Keyboard and mouse can be used to control your phone
  • Tools for editing recorded video
  • Limited free version
  • Disconnection problems
  • Android versions 4.0 and earlier are not supported


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